This series of prints draws inspiration directly from the music that I live amongst here at Sleepy Volcano. Each print comes with a hi-res download of the music that inspired it.  


Pacific Whales of An Imagination

Pacific Whales of An Imagination is based on the structured improvisation by Mark Robertson (aka Harlowe). It was recorded live at the Old Church in downtown Portland by Matthew Morgan. The super special part is that if you listen in headphones it's like you're really there. This is because it was all captured using binaural recording techniques, a method that recreates the human aural experience of being in a place. You can hear the dimensional space, you can feel the rumble of a distant street car, the creaking of pews, the whir of a tape echo, the swelling chords and the whales swimming overhead. It's enchanting. I promise. 

Standing Thinking

This illustration is based on a whole album, one I've had the pleasure of listening to throughout it's recording and now a year later as it spins on the record player in my studio. Having the benefit of time, I was finally able to put pencil to paper and capture my own reaction, something I wasn't able to do a year ago. There's hope in our shadows. There's growth in the night. It's good to feel where we stand. The album is Green Hills Alone

55 Greetings

Now let's go interstellar. Because that's exactly where the Golden Record is, and all it's salutations. Is there anybody out there? Could this possibly make sense to another life form? Is it still worth a shot? Is this science or poetry? 

Clay Cole is a fun listen. It's fresh and seasoned, sassy and naive, gritty and smooth, light hearted and real. And it's kinda nerdy.