Sleepy Volcano Art Pairings

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Inspirational cycles.

Pacific Whales of An Imagination was painted to the sounds of Dischordant, a structured improv piece whose musicians where told to visualize themselves as whales talking to one another. Get it? Okay, cool. 'Cause this could be a recurring theme. The print comes with a download of the music, which was recorded live using binaural microphones...which recreate the experience of listening in a specific space, with it's unique reflections and dimension. This piece will take you to the Old Church in downtown Portland on the evening of March 31, 2015. Wherever else it takes you from there is entirely up to you. 

The illustration below is based on a whole album, one I've had the pleasure of listening to throughout it's recording and now a year later as it spins on the record player in my studio. Having the benefit of time, I was finally able to put pencil to paper and capture my own reaction, something I wasn't able to do a year ago. There's hope in our shadows. There's growth in the night. It's good to feel where we stand. The album is Green Hills Alone