The only way to know, is to keep going.

If I had to reduce my own work to it's simplest form it would be: figure at the center of a blank page. No background. And that's been by choice, I think. I like all the focus to be on the emotion and body language. All the subtleties I can pull out of a character...or two. And I like the graphic element of which limb sticks out where, and the negative space. I like what it leaves to the imagination.

But what if I did do a background? A landscape? And what if at the same time I changed a few critical steps in my process? Well, I did that. And it's the strangest I almost don't recognize my own work. 

This is a scene I created for a story I'm currently working on. It's probably more of an experiment along the way, but I'm really excited about where this might lead. I've always relied heavily on pencil and outlines, and this has neither, which is probably why it feels so different. Artists are so often defined by their medium and process, that I find myself asking - Is it still me? 

There's only one way to know really, and that's to keep going.