Happy Holidays!

Earlier this year Matthew and I went through a serious rekindling of our love for all things Jim Henson. I was inspired to pull down a box of forgotten fabric from the attic, plug in the hot glue gun, and just see what came out. Nothing complicated, nothing mechanical, but something that made us laugh. What came out was Jinx. He's the pink guy. To be fair he's more like a neon salmon, whose color can only be fully appreciated in person, but for now we will do our best to capture him on screen. We took him camping and learned that he was an avid bird watcher, and we let him watch basketball and before long he was asking for his own Blazers jersey...which I had to make, cause he's a weird size. And then he started asking for friends. And now they're calling themselves Mitten People. So here they are, with their first Christmas Song:

Never underestimate a hot glue gun.