2014, I'm on to you.

Seriously, no posts since September?!? Major internet absence. I get an F. But it's a bright new year so let's just start fresh!

Things I'm most excited about:

1) A new art space in the Towne Storage Building. A magical place I've admired from afar since I moved here 8 and a half years ago- beautiful old brick, painted signs, tall ceilings, big windows and mystery. There's a big 12ft wall with lots of natural light waiting for me starting February 1st. :)

2) Embracing the ipad as a sketchpad. A new tool with strange limitations and curious possibilities, a medium that can be more spontaneous. 

3) More cello. An instrument I let sit untouched as I devoted my time to jumpstarting other endeavors is finally getting some more playtime. We've been busy over at Sleepy Volcano recording some of Mike Beaton's masterpieces. Just you wait. 


Here's the first ipad sketch. I didn't have to get a single paintbrush wet or sharpen any pencils. Pretty neat, huh?