Bada Bop Bop Bandits!

Freshly painted on the wall of Revival Drum Shop. And now every big blank wall I pass is crying out to me: 'Paint me. Paaaaiiiiinnnt meeee. Come on, put a critter on me! ' Uh oh. We may have created a monster. 

Revival Raccoons from SleepyVolcano on Vimeo.

If you live in Portland, or you're passing through...go check 'em out! It's the best little corner in town, and of course I'm going to say it's better in person. Plus! you can a) get a delicious pour over from Extracto b) bang on some drums at Revival c) thumb through the super cool record collection at Beacon Sound or d) hang tough with a cocktail outside Tiga. What's not to love?