want to hear a sound I make?

That's the opening line from a children's book I'm currently working on with the lovely Jennifer Coughlin. She describes her inspiration and motivation for writing here. I suggest reading in her own words, because I just spent the last ten minutes trying to summarize and it was a total failure. There's too much to be said about the time we spend in front of a screen, our disconnection with nature, and the damaging psychological effects of all the those trends - how it impacts our happiness and our relationships... not to mention taking care of this beautiful place we live in - but why would we care if we never learn to love or understand it? see? It gets ranty really fast - short breaths and incomplete sentences...

so I'll stick to drawing.


These are pencil drawings that I've been workin' on the past couple weeks. I'll be diving into the color phase very shortly. So excited!