Holiday Season is here

...and never in my life have I ever been this on top of it. No, there are not inflatables in my front yard, or decorations hanging about, or gifts wrapped or anything like that. What I mean by on top of it is that I did a drawing... of squirrels hanging some holly....and now you can send it....if you happen to be among those who are actually on top of it in a real way. I'm more of an enabler. 


I noticed the branches shaking in the 3-story tall laurel in my backyard. (yes i know. it's huge for a laurel...) So I looked a little closer and saw this one little squirrel running up and down the 'tree'. He would break a branch off, run it to the top, come back down, and repeat. Sometimes he took one that was too big and struggled to wrangle it through the still attached branches. Sometimes he would drop it half way up. But mostly he was successful. I'm pretty sure there was another little guy up at the top putting things in order. The worst part was that I couldn't see way up there to see what they were making. Well, maybe it's the best part....because I just got to wonder. Clearly I spend too much time with my dog, and am adapting her obsessive habits.