Portland has been home for more than a decade, and the host of a few different careers. Working first as an industrial designer at Ziba Design, she enjoyed the creative fuel of agency life. She then followed the music muse to spend three years criss-crossing the U.S. and Europe playing cello for the indie bands Sea Wolf and Horse Feathers. It wasn't until her shakey scribbles started to whine from the back seat, that she decided to stop the car. It was time to focus on her own art and that is what she continues to do, exploring new mediums and techniques both analog and digital. 

Some of her clients have included OHSU, Proctor and Gamble, Mattel, Logitech, Intel, and Hamptone.

Ultimately she wants to connect with people through her work, creating characters that tug at emotions and stir up long forgotten memories. 

Sleepy Volcano is her creative home. As an artist in the small collective, she is often coerced into bringing to life any number of crazy ideas, from glowing paper jellyfish to short animations, singing back up vocals or adding some spice to the clap track.

She's a Blazer's fan. She slays at Tangrams and cannot leave a puzzle undone. She is NOT a good cook, but believes there's still hope. And she'd love to drop everything to go explore the unspoiled nooks and crannies of the Pacific Northwest with her faithful pup, Luna.